Parrotlets Are the Smallest Parrots

Parrotlets are the smallest parrots.  They are often called pocket parrots. Royal Wings Aviary takes pride in our handfed parrotlets.  Handfed parrotlets, especially males, make adorable, affectionate pets.  Parrotlets are quiet, intelligent, entertaining, and playful and definitely have personality.  Some can talk, give kisses, learn tricks, and even sing tunes.   Parrotlets need to be handled daily to keep them sweet and bonded to you.

Parrotlets Are Small But Mighty

Parrotlets may be small, but they do not take flack from anyone.  During the breeding season the males are very protective of the females.   Believe it or not, parrotlets are probably the biggest eaters of any birds we have in our aviary.  They love all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits. The average lifespan for parrotlets is 15 to 20 years or more.

Parrotlets Come In a Variety of Colors

Parrotlets come in a variety of colors.  Royal Wings Aviary raises blue, green, pied, and dilute yellow parrotlets.

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