Varieties of Lovebirds

Royal Wings Aviary raises lovebirds.  We raise peachface and dilute masked lovebirds.  All of our babies are handfed and socialized. Lovebirds are very active, curious, and definitely have personality.  Their lifespan is 10-15 years or more.

Lovebirds Are Entertainers

Lovebirds are the clowns of the bird world.  They are entertaining to watch. They like to hang upside down and do all kinds of acrobatics.   One time I had young lovebirds in a cage with a small swing in it.  They formed a pyramid on the swing, the outside birds hanging on using their toes like hands.  I never saw so many birds on one swing.


One or Two?

People often ask if they should get two lovebirds as they have heard that you should always have a pair of lovebirds.  If you just want companions to watch and talk to, you should get two.  However, if you want a pet that bonds to you, you only want one. One lovebird can be a very affectionate pet when handled frequently.

Lovebirds Are Aggressive Birds

Regardless of their name, lovebirds are aggressive birds.  We socialize our birds, but when a lovebird wants a certain position on a ladder or toy, he will nip the other birds’ toes.  People often ask if they can house lovebirds with their other birds.  We normally advise not to put them with budgies, canaries, cockatiels, grass parakeets, bourkes, finches–any of the less aggressive birds.  We also recommend not having more than two lovebirds in a cage.  Three is a crowd with lovebirds.

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