Indian Ringnecks are Beautiful Birds

Indian Ringneck parrots come in a variety of colors. There are 30 varieties. The normal color is bright lime green, but ringnecks also come in blue, yellow, albino, and violet as well as mutations. The males have black and red rings around the neck and a red beak. Females do not have the dark ring. Ringnecks live about 20-30 years.    




Excellent Talkers

Indian Ringnecks are excellent talkers. They love to mimic things they hear you say. Indian Ringnecks have a high pitched voice but talk very clearly. They are quick learners and very intelligent birds.




Indian Ringnecks Make Great Pets

Indian Ringneck parrots are very curious and love to play. They are gentle and affectionate and are loyal companions. Ringnecks need a lot of attention and must be handled every day. They are very active and need lots of toys to chew on and to keep them busy. Indian Ringnecks can also be taught tricks. They can be great pets for individuals or for families.




My violet pied male ringneck, Prince, is quite a character. He loves to follow Charlie the cockatiel around and wants to do everything Charlie does. His first words were “Step up. (kissy sound a couple of times) Step up. (kissy sound a couple of times) Come on. Step up.” He always listens to what I am saying and hears me saying that to baby birds often.

Prince always watches me feed baby birds. He normally says, ” Feed the babies.” He can mimick anything I say and loves attention.


Peri Periwinkle

Peri Periwinkle is my violet female ringneck. She also loves attention, so much that sometimes I have to put her back into her cage. If I am working at the computer, she sits between me and the monitor. When I move her, she keeps coming back. She makes it very difficult to concentrate and get anything accomplished. She is a most demanding and entertaining pet.

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