Handfed Cockatiels Are Great Pet Birds

Cockatiels are very social birds. Handfed cockatiels are loving, sweet, fun, loyal, and entertaining. At Royal Wings Aviary, we raise a variety of cockatiels, including pearls, pieds, white faces, pastel cheeks, albinos, lutinos, and more. All of our babies are handfed and socialized with other birds to make them good pets. As a matter of fact, when someone asks what kind of bird to get for their first pet bird, we normally suggest a cockatiel as opposed to a large parrot.

Cockatiels That Talk

We have had quite a few talking cockatiels at Royal Wings Aviary. The males will often whistle and talk and are quite often more independent. Handfed females usually are more snuggly. We have never had a female cockatiel that talks. Interestingly enough, older cockatiels have taught our younger cockatiels. Some say, “Good morning. How are you?” Others ask, “What are you doing?” or “Whatch doin’?”. Some even say, “I love you.”
“Pretty bird” is another common saying.


My first school bird was Buddy, a wonderful handfed cockatiel. He loved the girls, especially blondes and would do anything to be with them all day long. He never tried to fly, because he thought he was human. If his “girl of the day” put him down and walked across the room, Buddy would run under tables and chairs, between legs… anything to get back to her. Buddy had quite a vocabulary, including “Whatcha doin’?” and “Pretty Bird” (which he usually said to the girls). He would sneeze any time someone sneezed or coughed, and he had a belly laugh that would get a whole class laughing. He could also whistle the Notre Dame fight song and the Indiana University fight song. Everyone loved Buddy.  He now resides in Niles, MI, with a friend and is still spoiled rotten.     

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