English Budgies at Royal Wings Aviary

Royal Wings Aviary is a member of the American Budgerigar Society and the Budgerigar Association of America.  We raise English Budgies.  All of our baby birds are handfed and socialized.  Our English Budgies have been adopted by people across the United States, and some even reside at a resort in Haiti.

 Appearance of English Budgies

English Budgies are much bigger than regular parakeets, or American Budgies.  They have more bulk to their bodies and usually have a “poof” on top of the head and a “beard”.   We have a variety of colors ranging from violet and blue to white, gray, yellow-green, yellow, and rainbows. Some of our English Budgies have normal markings, and many are beautiful mutations.

Talking English Budgies

I have read that English Budgies are the best talking parrots.  Truthfully, I thought there was no way that could be true.  How could they possibly compare to African Gray Parrots, the best talkers of all?  Then a very special baby English Budgie was born in our aviary.   He clearly begged to be with humans over other English Budgies.  I took him to school, and my students fell in love with him and named him Blueberry. Blueberry loved his special bell and his beaded swing. The great thing about this bell is that he could not get the clapper out and choke on it. He played with it all the time.  One day a friend came to visit and immediately saw how special he was.  She wanted to buy Blueberry, but I told her he was a pet.  My friend was very persistent.  She kept asking until I finally sold Blueberry to her.  That was the best decision I could have made for him.  My friend had the time to work with Blueberry and give him a loving home.   Blueberry became a great talker.  He talked constantly.  I always chuckled when he said, “Frank is stupid” loudly and clearly.  You see, Frank was her husband.

Male or Female?

It is very easy to tell if a mature English Budgie is a male or a female.  If the cere is purple or blue, the budgie is a male.  If the cere is brown, white, or tan it is a female.  I have found both males and females to be equally good pets.  No matter which sex, they all love to play and chew.   They can spend hours chewing on their shredders and bird kabobs.

Do English Budgies Make Good Pets?

English Budgies are more laid back than American Budgies.  They are quiet, gentle, and make sweet buddies or good apartment pets. English Budgies are entertaining and are easy to train. They can be taught tricks, and males can learn to say words and even talk in sentences. English Budgies love to swing and love shiny things like this disco ball that is a big hit at Royal Wings Aviary. The lifespan for English Budgies is shorter than for American Budgies, about 5-7 years.

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