African Grey Parrots Are Amazing

African Grey Parrots are some of the most amazing parrots in the world.  They are usually excellent talkers.  At Royal Wings Aviary we have Congo African Grey Parrots and Timneh African Grey Parrots.  They think they are human and actually have the mental and emotional capacity of a 5-year-old.

African Grey Parrots Are Very Intelligent

African Grey Parrots are very intelligent. At Royal Wings Aviary, our Congo African Grey Parrots carry on telephone conversations, call people’s names, mimic all kinds of sounds, sing, and even correct each other.  When we eat, they think they should eat.  When we leave, they tell us, “Bye.”  They are very smart and very social birds.  Hence, there is never a dull moment.


Difference Between Timneh and Congo African Grey Parrots

Congo African Grey Parrots can be dark or light grey. The beak is solid black, and the tail feathers are bright red. Timneh African Grey Parrots are smaller and are dark charcoal grey. They have a pink upper beak and dark maroon tail feathers.  The average life span is 50-60 years.

Congo Grey

Timneh Grey


One of our Congo African Grey Parrots, Malley, talks in both female and male voices.  She likes to very softly and sweetly say, “I love you Malley.”  Then she says “Kissy, kissy” and gives a smacking big kiss.  If you want her to do something she does not want to do, Malley talks to us just like children in our society today talk to their parents; she says, “NO!”


Another of our Congo African Grey Parrots, Angel, would always ask in a soft sweet voice, “Are you ok?”  Then she would say, “Come here.”  Don’t let her fool you though.  If you would stick a finger in her cage, she would bite you.  Unfortunately, she came from an abusive home here in Michiana.  Fortunately, she has been adopted and will hopefully live a long, happy life.


Seymour, a Congo African Grey Parrot who actually was brought to the United States from South Africa, loves to say, “Seymour is a turkey” and then gobbles.  He also likes to say,  “Seymour is a chicken” and then clucks.  One Thanksgiving, Seymour, who normally never gets off his cage, came walking into the dining room, where our whole family had gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, and started begging for turkey.  Interestingly enough, turkey is one of Seymour’s favorite foods.  The most fascinating thing about Seymour is that he carries on meaningful telephone conversations.  The phone rings, and Seymour says hello, carries on a lengthy conversation, says he has to go or thank you, and then says good-bye. He is also an excellent whistler and whistles beautiful tunes.  He is very entertaining.

A Wonderful Pet

The African Grey Parrot makes a wonderful pet.  You will never have a dull moment.  You may never have a quiet moment until the lights go out.  But you will never regret getting a handfed African Grey Parrot for a pet.  He will be your buddy.  He will entertain you.  He will talk to you, and he will play with you.  He will be your buddy for many, many years.

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