Post from Jennie P

I found my baby Timneh African Grey from Pam at the beginning of December. I’ve had many birds over the years, and breeders always brag about how sweet they are, until you take them home and they are total brats. Not this baby! He is the *sweetest*, most affectionate and even-tempered bird I’ve ever had, let alone an AG. He would happily sit on my shoulder getting head scritches all day and night if I let him. I recently had to put him in near-isolation for a couple of days due to needing to use heavy duty cleaners in his usual habitat (due to flooding); having had greys before, I expected a grumpy, nippy ball of annoyed when I was finally able to bring him back into the living room. Instead, he is, if anything, only sweeter and *more* affectionate. He joyfully eats anything I put in his bowl. He is already heavily mumbling ‘people-ish’ sounds. All in all, he is an absolute joy and I truly can’t say enough in praise of him and in Pam’s rearing of him. He is everything I could have asked for and more.