Post from Lori W

Pam really cares about her babies, and makes herself extremely accessible to answer questions -and I have called her with lots of questions! I would highly recommend to anyone to buy one of her birds. they were clearly bred with love and experience.

Post from Christopher Y

Just amazing I was amazed when I walked into royal aviary Pam was the sweeties and I love the babys I got from her they are so sweet and friendly I will definitely go to her for any bird needs

Post from Jane B

Yes, yes, yes, I recommend Royal Wings Aviary! Pam has a true heart and talent for breeding beautiful pet birds! I am a lucky owner of one of her gorgeous hand fed English Budgies! You will not find a more conscientious, caring bird breeder!1

Post from Misty C

We adopted a cockatiel from Pam. She did a wonderful job raising him, he is very social. Pam answered our many questions and taught us a lot about taking care of a bird.

Post from Larry

We purchased an English Budgie from Pam a few years ago. He is sweet and loving companion. Pam was always available to help when we called. I highly recommend adopting a bird from her.

Post from Joe C

I purchased an Eclectus from Pam and he is the nicest bird I have ever met. I can only imagine how much time she spends with her “babies” for them to be so sweet. Keep it up Pam!

Post from Taha A

Her birds are amazing ! We drove two hours from Michigan last week and left with a beautiful baby boy budgie we named Charlie. Tamest, sweetest little bird we ever owned ! After just one week with us he can sit on our laps and watch tv with us haha!

Post from Sherry L

My mother and I adopted two beautiful Male cockatiels. They are the sweetest baby birdies, a tad spoiled! I had a budgie for a year before bringing him home and they are inseparable now!! Very nice lady and raised the best birds

Post from Rose N

I received four beautiful birds from Pam. She was just wonderful to work with. I received four healthy birds at the airport. I enjoy them tremendously and would order from her again. Actually, I wish I bought more. Amazing colors and beauty.