Post from Irene F

We got “Avi” the end of May this year(2020). I couldn’t of asked for a better person to get our first feathered friend from. Pam is a kind and caring person and most definitely loves her birds and made our feathered pet find experience very easy. She gets a 5 stars from my family for sure. Avi makes our family way more exciting everyday. Thank u so much Pam🦜

Post from Teri W

We picked up our baby Crimson Bellied Conure on the 4th of July. She’s been with us for three days now and has stolen our hearts! Even my husband who wasn’t the wildest about getting a bird commented that “you can tell someone really took time and socialized her really well”. She hasn’t bit once which is pretty amazing for a conure. She is bonding to us quickly and gave kisses the very first day. She wants to be with us all the time! Pam was so patient and answered all my questions giving me pictures and updates along the way. I would recommend Royal Wings Aviary to anyone looking for a truly hand tamed healthy baby parrot!

Post from Rose N

I received four beautiful birds from Pam. She was just wonderful to work with. I received four healthy birds at the airport. I enjoy them tremendously and would order from her again. Actually, I wish I bought more. Amazing colors and beauty.

Post from Sherry W

My mother and I adopted two beautiful Male cockatiels. They are the sweetest baby birdies, a tad spoiled! I had a budgie for a year before bringing him home and they are inseparable now!! Very nice lady and raised the best birds.

Post from AJ W

We got our sweet, green Eclectus named Malachite from Royal Wings almost a year ago. Very professional and a great place to adopt a feathered friend or two.

Post from Jean A

I got my cockatiel from Royal Wings the end of May. He’s already talking! Saying everything we say to him. Very smart and I’m very happy to have him!

Post from Jennie P

I found my baby Timneh African Grey from Pam at the beginning of December. I’ve had many birds over the years, and breeders always brag about how sweet they are, until you take them home and they are total brats. Not this baby! He is the *sweetest*, most affectionate and even-tempered bird I’ve ever had, let alone an AG. He would happily sit on my shoulder getting head scritches all day and night if I let him. I recently had to put him in near-isolation for a couple of days due to needing to use heavy duty cleaners in his usual habitat (due to flooding); having had greys before, I expected a grumpy, nippy ball of annoyed when I was finally able to bring him back into the living room. Instead, he is, if anything, only sweeter and *more* affectionate. He joyfully eats anything I put in his bowl. He is already heavily mumbling ‘people-ish’ sounds. All in all, he is an absolute joy and I truly can’t say enough in praise of him and in Pam’s rearing of him. He is everything I could have asked for and more.

Post from Candace W

This is my budgie, his name is Bean. He’s my sunshine and best friend. He loves to talk, sing, cuddle, take baths, and dance to music. Royal Wings Aviary hand feed my little guy, making him the sweetest and very socialized. Love this Aviary and couldn’t recommend enough!

Post from Irene F

I searched for a couple weeks for a real person to talk to about adding a feathered friend to our family. Pam is amazingly kind and cares about her 🐦. The 4 hours up and back were well worth it. Day one of Bubbles living with us is already a great decision. He’s a love bug. thanks so much again. we love him already.

Post from Lorena F

Picked up my first baby yesterday and he is not just beautiful, but so well taken for! Thank you for allowing him to be part of my family!
Great service, responded to contact very quick, friendly. Will definitely buy from them again 😉